The most important relationship16.9.2013

The most important relationship of our life is the relationship we have with our God. This relationship can be cold, distant and one sided or it can be intimate and interactive. God wants to have a relationship with humans. He created a human being, who has a free will and with whom He could have a relationship with. He wants to talk with us. He wants to spend time with us and share His heart with us.

All the same principles that work with our relationships with other people apply to our relationship with God. If you see and talk with someone rarely, it is natural that your relationship is distant. On the other hand, if you talk with your friend everyday on the phone, your relationship is close. To that person you tell secrets and the joys and the worries in of heart.

God is a person. He is not a cloud or a mist. He is a person, who wants to encounter your person. A relationship demands everyday attention. A relationship demands words everyday. It is not enough that you become a believer and you say on the altar: “I will tell you then when I won’t be believing in You anymore.” You wouldn’t do that to your spouse, instead you tell about your love to them many times and in many ways.

So how do I deepen my relationship with God?

First, be very honest before God. Talk to Him all the good, bad and ugly things. Talk to Him all the things you scarcely dare to admit to yourself. Take Him as a person who hears and lives beside you and sees your every step.

Secondly, make sure you spend time with Him everyday. It may be during the day beside your work. But the best way is to separate some time for Him so He knows, what is the moment He can really talk to you and teach you His ways.

Thirdly, take Him with you in the happy events of your life. Give a call to heaven, when something good is happening to you. Tell Him how you rejoice in this good thing you have had or encountered in life. Don’t forget Him when the sun is shining in your life. Then He will be close and easily available when you have a rainy day.

Your relationship with God is your most important relationship. You will enjoy that relationship the whole eternity.

Down with the strongholds!11.2.2013

All that we encounter in our lives whether it is a sickness, weakness, accident or depression, they all have one purpose: they are raised against the knowledge of God. That is the main goal of our enemy. To build walls, strongholds and arguments and raise them up between God and man.

When we realize this, we can see from the Word of God that He has given us the power to demolish these strongholds and arguments and even circumstances that have been raised against the knowledge of God. So we can lift up our heads and believe that every stronghold will come down.

In many cases the thought patterns and imaginations are the biggest obstacles for us to draw near to God. So what kind of imaginations can we have?

They mainly focus on the character of God. Is He good? Is He just? Is He really always right? Does He love me?

One of the biggest strongholds is the misconception about God’s agape love. We have a humanistic picture of love. We think automatically that if it is unconditional love, it should concentrate on me and me only. But God’s love doesn’t circle around us like we would be little babies or cute puppies.

No, His love is full of purpose. His love has a direction. He wants to take us towards a more holy life. And that is true love, let me tell you. To love enough, not to leave us the same! The whole atmosphere around God is full of this agape love. He doesn’t have to speak about us to demonstrate His love. He just reveals Himself and speaks about Himself and everybody will feel loved beyond expression.

He always loves His creation and all His decisions are made out of this love, He seeks what is best for the whole of His creation.

This is also true about God: He loves everyone the same, but He doesn’t want to be in every place. The atmosphere is very important to Him. He can not dwell in a place were there are strongholds and mindsets that have been raised up against the eternal principles of His Kingdom. I find so much encouragement from the fact that although He is a loving God, He is also a God of justice.

So it is very important that we learn to think like God thinks. It is important not to be conformed to the worlds way of thinking. Our mission is to demolish every stronghold that is raised against the knowledge of God. We can do this because our spiritual weapons are full of divine power. So we say: Down with the Strongholds!

Religious Lullaby9.8.2012

The problem that we face in the western church is that Christians are lukewarm, bored, sour in their face and they care for nothing. They can’t get excited about the things of God, except if there is something in it for them. So in others words the Christans are fast asleep.

 The challenge for those who have experienced the power of God and been personally revived is this:  how to keep the fire and zeal up among all the lukewarm Christians?

 You could say that almost everytime when a fiery believer talks about his zeal for God to the religious, sleeping pharisees, you get the same response. You hear a lullaby something like this: “You dont need to seek, you dont have to thirst, you have it all, we have it all.”

 And if you keep on listening to these songs you will find yourself sleeping the lukewarm sleep totally self-satisfied. That is why I always say to the thirsty people: don’t ask any advice from religious people to the question: should you seek God or no. Don”t stay around that lullaby, run far away from it while you can.

 Jeesus didn’t warn us about the jeast of the pharisees in vain. They close the Kingdom of heaven with these lullabies from thirsty people and don’t go there themselves either.

 I want to be giving medicine against this lyllaby by waking people from the sleep: seek God with all your heart and strength, don’t ever stop running, dont ever be satisfied, don’t let anyone steal your crown.


Mold in the basement?31.5.2012

If you call yourself a Christian the sign of your faith is that Jesus is actively working in your life. If he is your Lord, he should have atleast some rulership in your life, already on this earth.


Those christians who dont let the spirit of God to come and blow all the trash out from their heart and lives, are constantly greaving the Holy Spirit. They place themselves as an hindrance to the movement of the Spirit of God in their own life and in the body of Christ.


We easily think that our choices dont matter that much. God will never override your free will. By our choices we can either close doors to the Spirit of God or open them.


Those christians who dont let the foundations of their faith be shaken and give their motives and attitudes to be checked, have themselves set a stop sign to God. Then they wonder why is nothing happening.If we have put limitations to the spirit of God in our lives that is already a sign that there is mold somewhere in the basement.


God wants all of us Christians to give our all to Him. It looks little bit different in all of our lives, but one thing is common: There is no stop sign to the spirit of God to clean up the basement from all the garbage.



Hosanna, the King is coming!5.4.2012

When we talk about preparing the way for the Lord, some people may be getting confused. Why do we have to do anything? If he is the king can’t He come where He wants to when He wants to?
The Bible gives a strong insinuation that the Lord wants to be sought for, waited for and called for. In theory He could just rush in when no one wants Him, but He won’t come to a place where He is not welcomed. He wont spent time in a place where His presence is not welcomed. And He won’t come to a place where there is no room for Him.
God is the King who doesn’t share His throne. If He can not rule, then He will not attend at all.
When Jesus rode to Jerusalem people came to welcome Him. They started to make the path smooth for Him with clothes laid on the ground, with palm leaves and with words. They were very actively involved when the King arrived into the city.
When we speak about preparing the way for the Lord we are speaking about preparing hearts for Him. We make room in our hearts for the king’s ruler ship. We take one at a time away obstacles that might rise against the knowledge of God.
Everyone prepares the way in their unique way. Like when Jesus rode to Jerusalem, some brought clothes and others brought leaves. Some put them on the ground and some waved them. But all did something. Your way of preparing the way may not look the same as my way, but that is not the point. The point is what it looks like to Jesus.
So let’s all do our best and put aside everything that doesn’t bow before Jesus. We can do it, if we want to. Let’s lay our lives before Him and make Him feel wanted. After all, this is what Christianity is all about.

I would like to see fruit, please5.4.2012

As believers we are not to walk our eyes fixed to the ground, but fix our eyes up, into heavenlies where Christ Jesus is seated on the right hand of God. Jesus himself made it through this earth by fixing his gaze into that place.
Many Christians walk through this life praying that God would walk behind them and bless everything they do. They walk and hope His blessing follows them. This kind of walk is usually fruitless and powerless. Despite of this religion encourages us to continue walking forward and it pats us on the back when we fall. But don’t ask for supernatural power to rise up from the pit because it is not available.
Jesus does not pat us on the back, but he lifts us up and puts us on our right place…behind Him. When the walking order is right then the fruit also is evident.
If Jesus sees a Christian or a church that is claiming to follow him but there is no fruit, no evidence of it, he may even curse that place where he finds only the outward appearance of faith but inside there are nothing more but dead bones.
But when Jesus is leading us there is always good fruit. He makes it happen in those who live their gaze fixed on Him following Him where ever he leads. This fruit is supernaturally natural and it is lasting fruit that can not he destroyed by men.
It is time to be honest with ourselves. Is there any fruit in our lives? If not, maybe we should check who is leading the walk.

Why did you get saved?5.4.2012

This is a good question to ask atleast once in a while. Life can flow fast by us and we may not even stop to think about it.

I have learned that an honest evaluation of the state of our own heart, is what takes us as a believer foward the fastest. An honest encounter with yourself will usually bring an encounter with God sooner or later, if you are a sincere seeker.

Basically there are two reasons to get saved.

Reason number 1: Someone scared the living daylights out of you by a story about hells flames. You could almost feel the flames as you run to the altar. You congratulated yourself:”whiuh, my flesh is saved”. You were happy for some weeks but as they turned into months you found out that somehow you didn’t have the power to live a holy life. So you looked around and determined that a one way ticket to heaven was what satisfiend you. After all it seemed to satisfy people in the first pew also. So you went foward with your life like usually, no real change. You became a selfish christian who doesn’t change, doesn’t have any presence of God in your life, but one thing you have…. a sour face.

Reason number 2: Someone told you about a king called Jesus. They told you that he is a good ruler. They seemed to be ruled by him. They told you that He wants you to follow Him. He wants you to give up your life, loose your life for his sake. They told you that your own life, meaning your right to rule and deside things, would end if you would follow Him. You felt that this all was somehow out of this world and you desided to go for it. To have the adventure of your life. Weeks turned into months and you started seeing some change in your life. Someone really was taking over your life. Soon you realized that you had become a new creation. Not judt on paoer but in real life too.

Well, I have experinced both of these and can say that even if you started out with selfish reasons you can make a choise any day to turn and follow Him.

But I can not honestly recomment the selfish way to anyone.

So my advice to a good, fruitfull Christianity is: Give it all to Jesus. And then this christianity will work for you!