Eyes on Jesus13.9.2013

When Jesus told Peter to come to Him walking on the water, Peter started coming full of faith. He took his first steps eyes fixed on Jesus. He stayed above the water, conquered fear and beat the law of gravity by fixing his gaze on Jesus. In the middle of the way he looked around him. He saw the waves and started to fear. Then Peter started to sink into the water and Jesus had to come and save Him.

This story has a deep and simple lesson for us. Many of us start the walk or the battle of faith well. We’re full of zeal. We have our eyes fixed on Jesus. We understand that everything depends on Him. We think that nothing can sink or knock us down. But if our walk or some battle continues without us reaching the destiny we are heading to, many of us start looking around us. We may look into circumstances, listen to other peoples remarks or concentrate on listening to our own feelings. Then we will see, that we are sinking.

The only way to stay above the water is to keep your eyes continually on Jesus. Without Him no one wins any battles, no one heals any sick or stands strong in the midst of a storm. We are not supposed to just start the walk with our eyes on Jesus, but we are supposed to end our walk our eyes still focused on Him. You don’t get to the point when you become so mature that you can afford to take your eyes off from Jesus and turn them to yourself. If we do that, we will start sinking immediately.

The purpose of Christianity is not to put you in such a good shape that you don’t have to look at Jesus anymore. Or to get you producing so much fruit by yourself, that you don’t need the wine anymore. No, the purpose of Christianity is to fix your eyes day by day more firmly  on to Jesus. We are guided to put all our trust to Him and to the fact that He is present. That is how we keep ourselves above the water. This is the secret for strong and victorious Christianity.


Yearning for revival21.2.2013

Yearning for revival/ Esko

Many people yearn for the old time revivals. They may dress according to the time of the revivals in the memorial services that are arranged in remembrance of the revival. They may go to sit in the exact same pew or barn, where God encountered some known revivalist. Some even try to stand in the pulpit with a box in their head like they did in Azusa Street revival to get the revival feeling.

It is good to learn from history, to learn from the past revivals where God has moved mightily, but if the remembering of old surpasses the seeking of the new move of God, we have gone astray. God says in His Word: “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing!” (Isaiah 43:18 NIV)

Paul had understood this principle. He said in the book of Philippians that he forgets what lies behind him and he presses forward. Paul had bad things behind him; he had persecuted the Church of Jesus. But in the same place he also gives us a list of all the good things and accomplishments he puts behind him for the sake of knowing Christ more. He understood something. If we see only our past successes or failures in front of our eyes, we wont be able to reach forward towards the mighty works God has prepared for us.

God is always going forward. Even though there are wonderful revivals and moves of God behind us, still He has something even better prepared for us in our days. Something that is yet to be seen and experienced. It is better because it is not the nostalgic feeling when you are remembering the old things, but is the experience of something fresh and new. The possibility to experience a move of God not yet heard or experienced of.

God wants this generation to experience a mighty move of God. He want to pour out His Spirit on all flesh once more in our day.


It’s payday!8.2.2013

To most of us the best day of the month is the payday. Finally all the early mornings, hurry, worry and stress are rewarded. To others it is a good moment, but to others it is a day of disappointment. It depends on what you have been doing the whole month.

The Word of God tells clearly that the same way we get a payment for our labor every month the same way: ” Every man will come before God’s throne and he will be paid according to the works he has done in this time, whether good or bad.”

For the followers of Jesus this is not the same place as the judgement seat that is the lot of those who have no mediator before God. This Judgement seat of Christ is the place were believers go. They can never be judged again to be away from God’s presence, but all their works and motives will be tested through fire.

The things that are especially looked at are these: Did you love Jesus a little or much, how did you behave towards your brothers, did you love truth, how did you act toward leaders in your life and did you do those works that were planned for you to do on this earth. These things determine your future and position in His everlasting kingdom.

This is why we are urged to keep our hearts clean so that the world wouldn’t contaminate us. We are also to love our God and keep our eyes fixed on His Son Jesus and be diligent in doing good to others

Calling things into existence!13.7.2012

Room 4:17 “Abraham believed in the God who brings the dead back to life and calls thsose things that do not exist as though they did.”

Speaking things out of our mouth in faith is a very important part of the life of a Christian? We could almost say that without it is impossible to walk as a follower of Christ and bear fruit.

 God has given us words that we can use to eather create new or destroy things. The tongue has a lot in its control. God wants us to use it to proclame things in faith.

 Through history new Godly fountains, streams of revival in a group setting or personal life have always followed words of faith in the mouths of the people of God. It has opened things in the heavenlies. It has brought the reality of heaven into the earth.

 If we want to get anything important from Gods perspective done on this earth, we need to call those things that are not as though they were. We need to speak things into existence to the athmosphere around us.

 We are to grab hold of the promises of God and speak them forth, stand on them and believe them. This is the road that has been set before us, let us walk on it.



Make room for the Lord11.4.2012

How do we get God moving in our churches? How do we get God’s glory moving among us in this nation? This is the question many Christians are asking or pondering in their head.

 God is not complicated. He has given us simple quideliness in His Word. They are very clear on how to draw near to Him.

 We can find one thing in common in all of those times when God appeared in a very real way to a person or a group of people. It can be found in the live of David, Daniel, the prophets and the apostles as well as from revivals through history. It is very simple principal: people wanted God more than anything else and they were ready to wait upon Him.

 God comes to a place were people wait on Him. Waiting makes us put aside our own oppinions, pride, unforgiveness and jealousy. We remove these hindrances and create room for God to come in. God only comes to a place where there is room for Him. If He doesn’t find room He will not come.

 When Jesus was born there was no room in nice houses, so he had to appear in a stable. When the pharisees in Jesus’ time didn’t receive the message of theKingdom of God, Jesus chose fishermen. So we see that God is not so particular about the outward appearence af a place or a person. But He is very particular about the inward state of the heart. He doesn’t want to dwell in a place where there is strife or greed.

 So God will appear in a very real way with His presense in any place that has been prepared for Him. If we want to have more of Him in our churches or lives, we need to follow they way that people throught history have walked. If we choose to make room for God, He will surely fill it.


 Mathew 7:7 “ask and it will be given to you;seek and you will find;Knock and the door will be opened to you

Waiting on God is not passive10.4.2012

Act 1:4 He ordered them, “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the Father’s promise, about which you heard me speak.

 When Jesus had acended into heaven, He told His disciples to wait until they would receive power. He knew that it was no use to send them out without the power. They had to have something on the that was not from this earth.

 People are not in their fleshly nature very good at waiting. But if we understand how useless it is to try to do anything without God’s Spirit and power on us, then we have an inner motivation to wait on Him. The disciples had had to encounter the fact that they were cowards. They knew what could happen to them, if they would speak of Jesus. But they couldn’t deny the resurrection power they had seen.

 Waiting is an important part of the work God does in us. It really does something within us. It brings into light things from our hearts. It reveals ourselves to us. Waiting molds us and makes us more dependant on Him. All these things are a very important part of God’s work in us before we encounter Him in a very real way.

 Some people think that waiting is passive, we do what pleases us, don’t think of God and then suddenly, He appears to us. But this kind of passive waiting has never opened heavens reality to anyone. If the disciples would have been running around Jerusalem and Galilee, there would not have been any power coming down on them.

 Waiting on God is very active. It takes hold of your thought. It takes hold of your time. It is something that becomes more and more intensive as we get nearer to the point of an encounter with God. This is how we get heavens reality into our lives. This is the Bible kind of waiting.

What is your vision?4.4.2012

 Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision the people perish
Every believer who wants to move forward in their faith must have a vision. It has to be a God given vision. It has to be bigger than humanity. It has to be bigger than our own lives. If we don’t have a vision from God we will end up going around circles and not move an inch forward.
Jesus had a vision. He was able to go through all that he had to suffer, because he saw the reward that was before him. He saw a redeemed people, washed forever white with his blood.
Abraham had a vision. He saw a city who’s maker and builder was God. He walked towards that vision. He was ready too to do some sacrifices for what he saw before him.
Moses had a vision before his eyes when he was leading the people. It was necessary for the people to know that they where going somewhere, to the Promised Land.
Every church should have a vision that is all the time pushing them forward. But sad to say, many don’t have. The only vision some churches have is to stay alive and just exist. But that kind of vision will never fulfil the purposes of God on the earth. If a church is not constantly moving forward it starts gradually loosing ground.
We have a vision. We have arrived to this point through many ups and downs. It has become clearer and clearer everyday. We have written our vision down so that we can read it even while running. So if a church has a vision it has to be clear so that the congregation can know what direction run to. It can not be subject to change under pressure or circumstances.
So our vision is to prepare the way for the Lord. To build Him a place that He can freely rule and reign. We are preparing a way for Him to move in our nation and the nations. We are doing this by preparing hearts to do what ever our Lord Jesus Christ asks us to do.
So what is your vision?