Do you want to be set free?2.10.2013

There is a road to freedom if you want to be set free. Whether you need to be set free from a bondage that has suddenly come to your life or from a life long habit, you can be set free. Everything depends on, do you really want to be free. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a lot of special willpower or strength to free yourself. This means that if you simply want to be set free, Jesus can set you free.

Jesus asked the man who had been sick for a very long time at the pool of Bethesda, did he want to be made whole. You may think that of course he wanted to be healed, who in their right mind would wants to be sick. But not everyone wants to be set free. Freedom brings responsibility. Being bound is many times a defence people lean on. They have built their identity around the thought that they have a bondage or they are sick. They may even get a lot of attention in the prayer lines from other Christians because of this. They don’t know who they would be if they would be free.

To be free is a leap of faith into a whole different style of living. Strong and victorious Christianity may seem strange and scary to some people, because Christianity is usually seen as weak and ineffective. People rather go to counselling and stay sick than learn how to fight spiritually themselves and stand firm against the attacks of the enemy or change the attitude from a victim to a person who helps and lifts up others.

To be set free you must also be willing to encounter the truth. I have prayed hundreds of people. There were two types of people who came to the counselling. Others were set free and others were not. Those who came to the counselling blaming everything on other people, they were never changed. They pointed to other people as the source of their problems, and still to this day those people are bound spiritually and emotionally. Those, on the other hand, who came and pointed their finger to their own heart, were set free. They realized that although the circumstances were bad and people treated them wrong, the real answer was found in their own heart. They recognized that real freedom starts from change within, not from change outside. They wanted really to be free and chose the road of inner change. And those are the people who were set free.

Who wants to be set free is ready to do what it takes to be set free. Jesus said to the lame man:” Get up, pick up your bed and walk.” He didn’t ask him to tell, how he had been treated badly and despised by everyone around the pool. Jesus asked him to take his bed and stand up. The people around him didn’t have to change their thoughts about him or their actions towards him and still he could be set free. Jesus is still in the business of freeing people from all of their bondages. He only wants to know: Do you want to be healed?


Jesus died on the cross for us. He did this so that people would get a new life. They could change their old sinful life to this brand new life Jesus obtained for them. This means that we become new creations. This doesn’t mean on paper or in theory only, but it means that our life is new, changed and transformed.

Christianity is not about making your life better. You are not supposed to reform your old life. The purpose was to change your life with the life of Jesus inside you. This revelation about the exchange was the source and secret of the power the early church had. And it is the same today.

The cross gave your old life the opportunity to die. When we give up our old life, He gives us new instead. Without this exchange you can’t live the powerful, selfless Christianity the Bible talks about. Paul’s letter to the Galatians says plainly what the cross of Jesus should do to us: “I no longer live, but Christ lives inside me.” The cross of Jesus is not just a ticket to heaven, but it is supposed to change your life here and now.

During the centuries when the church became an establishment, the enemy clouded this truth from the minds of Christians. A system was built were you could be a Christian without the exchange of life. This exchange stopped and was replaced with dry religious forms. You could be a Christian if you performed some rituals and forms. People were satisfied with cleaning the outside of their life instead of inner change. The old life was allowed to hang on you like a garment. It was not even expected for you to remove yourself from it.

The original plan that has never changed is still an exchange: loose the old and receive the new life Jesus gives. Everyone who wants to walk in the same faith the early Apostles walked has to dig into the source of the power that the early church had and allow this exchange to take place.

The sugar sweet unity27.2.2013

Jesus said the world would know Christians by their unity. That they would be one as the Father and The Son are one, this was His prayer. So, no wonder that unity is one of the things in churches that gets the most attacked. The spirit of division tries to get everyone running to a different direction. A body that is not in unity is not a good witness to the world. Actually it has lost its most powerful witness.

Getting apostolic unity is not a one night thing. It doesn’t happen by singing songs about unity, hugging the person sitting beside us or holding hands once a week in the Church service. This kind of sugar sweet, very superficial unity doesn’t differ in any way from the unity experienced in a corporation or in a secular organisation. This is not the unity God wants to see in His Church.

Real unity comes from the fact that the weapons that we hold in our hearts against each other are put down. Many believers seem perfectly nice from the outside, but in their heart they are looking like querrilla soldier, who is ready to throw a hand grenade on someone who doesn’t agree with them on some matter.

Fortunately many Christians have seen what a covenant with the enemy brings to the Church and they have decided to walk in the opposite spirit, in the Spirit of God. True unity looks like this: You don’t speak ill of anyone because of bitterness, you won’t rejoice if someone is having a downfall, you won’t stab in the back someone who is running faster than you are and you won’t let the hand grenade of jealousy explode when someone else gets praise. You have committed yourself to unity for Jesus’ sake. You have decided to love others like Jesus loves us.

If we want this kind of true unity, not the superficial pretense, then there is no other road to it, but to ask the Spirit of God to take away all our inner missiles. Only He can unify a group of people from the inside out. Only He can get us all to concentrate one and only on Jesus Christ.

Servants heart6.2.2013

Jesus had a servants heart. He didn’t gather treasures for Himself. He gathered them to His Father in Heaven. He wanted to fulfil His Fathers will and complete His work on earth through His life. We are to follow this attitude.

Whatever we do to forward the kingdom of God on this earth, we do it with the attitude: I am not gathering anything for myself. We have a Lord and we do everything as unto Him.

If we lower ourselves like this, we know from the Word of God that He has promised that in the end those who have put themselves last will be elevated to be the first. He will never be in debt to any of His servants, but will always reward the humble. The Word says that the Lord is coming and His reward is coming with Him.

If you have this servants heart you won’t be looking for thanks from people. Your serving doesn’t stop if nobody notices your work. You are not looking for thanks, tittle or praise, because you are not looking for your honor, but someone else’s honor.

A servants heart doesn’t serve out of necessity, but out of love. It wont grumble or have a martyr attitude. If you have a pure servants heart you wont complain even though you would get to do seemingly insignificant and small tasks. Because a servant knows who is his true Lord and that He is always watching.

A servants heart is a place were the Holy Spirit likes to dwell. He likes places that bring honor to God. The Holy Spirit doesn’t like secret agendas or plans, but He strengthens those who serve with a pure heart. He anoints with favor all the works of the pure in heart and makes His servants prosper in everything they do.

Changed from the inside out14.6.2012

Many christian have “dont touch me” policy. They want change as long as they dont have to change anything. They want revival as long as they dont need to wake up.

 If you have a that kind of attitude in your heart the change that you are willing to make is usually consentrated only to polishing the outside of the cup and changing the order of things. If Jesus asks you to empty the whole room and you just swich the order of furnitures, it will not be the right choise. He sees right through this act.

 Many people are happily chearing for the good fruit they hear is coming from some other city or country, when it is far enought you can be happy about it. But when it comes to your porch and you should make some changes there and then to make room for the kingdom God, we get a changed facial expression.

 Outward change is ofcourse good, but it should only be the automatic outcome of the change that has happened inside. To keep up the outward mask of freedom and life wears you out and doesn’t last, someday it will have a crack and the state of the heart will be revealed. God loves the whole man. He wants us to change fron the inside out. That way the change also lasts.




The pricetag of Revival31.5.2012

Do you want revival?

 When you listen to the bornagain christians, you hear constantly frases that tell how much people want revival to the land. You get the impression that everyone wants revival. But do they really?

 The truth of the matter is, that if you ask a christian the question “do you want more of God’s activity, do you want revival?”, no good christian dares to answer any other way than “ofcourse I want revival”. But that does not mean anything in practise.

 So the logical question that anyone must ask is this: if there is so much desire for revival, why then is there so little revival in the land? With all this desiring there should be a revival springing up in every church.

 What people dont know is this: revival is never free, it always comes with a pricetag. People want the fruit of revival, but when they see the pricetag there is  suddenly a big shortage on the receiving end.

 The price that we pay for revival, or for the increase of God activity, is very real. As is revival. We pay that price in our innerlife letting go of bad attitudes, behavior patterns and making right choices. We give up all unforgiveness, hatred, envy, jealousy, strife and bitterness. We are asked to give up our own plans , dreams and hopes to make room for His dreams in our lives.

 We even have to settle the question of pride and submit humbly to the movement of the Spirit of God.

 So lets ask again: do you want revival?

Step quickly over the Jordan!4.4.2012

It is time for Gods people to say enough to the life in the desert. It is time for us to step into the Promised Land.
Getting a breakthrough in your life is not a process of ten years, but is a quick step from one place to an other. And you walk it out by your choices.
You are not to look back and try to make sure that the old ties, patterns and bondages are coming with you. You have to be bold as you are stepping into a new phase and you have to let the old go.
Desert is a place where nothing ever happens. It is hard to live a holy life there. You have all kinds of snakes and scorpions there. In the desert you easily point your finger towards everybody else. But, God help us, if someone dares to point it towards you, you get so offended and put on a tantrum so that the whole dessert knows it.
There is only a small river that separates desert from the Promised Land. It is a step of faith. You have to cross it and not stay in the middle, wondering if this is God or not. You have to make up your mind where you want to spend the rest of your life. You can not make back and forth movements between the two. That will cost you your breakthrough.
So let’s make up our minds and cross quickly over to the other side.

Why does the sacrifice run off the altar?28.3.2012

God is leading His people into a place called an altar. It is a place were a person surrenders everything into the hands of the King. It is a place in your heart were God meets with man. If you have been there, you will never leave the same. Altar is a place where true transformation happens. It is a very real place.

You can many times go physically and kneel on an altar in a church building, but that doesn’t mean that your heart has arrived at the altar.

God wants us as believers to go into that place of surrender. And stay there. This is actually a state of the heart. A choise we make as we draw near to God. We tie ourselves to the horns of the altar. Then you can never leave that place of humility and surrender.

There are many believers who sit in churches and go to the altars, but in their hearts they resist the deep work of the Holy Spirit. Many times the sacrifice runs off the altar just before the Spirit of God was about to do some significant change in our choices, attitudes or behavior. And that is why we have so little lasting fruit in the lives of christians.

We need to make a consious choice to stay in this place of an altar for the rest of our lives and let Him do his work inside of us. Humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God. Then the fruit will be evident.

Build first My house!28.3.2012

Gods people are builders. He wants his people to be active builders and not destroyers. The work of God would have gone foward much faster on the face of the earth if there wouldn’t be so many christians who destroy what others have built.

 In the Bible Nehemiah saw the true state of Jerusalem, that the walls where destroyed and gates burned. And because he saw this, he started to act. He went on to build.

 The reason why we build is the same. We have seen that the church is not what it should be. People are not healthy, happy, full of life and peace, instead they are torn down by religion, strife and contradictions. We have seen that inspite of all the nice talk and big meetings, there is no lasting good fruit. Lives are not being changed like they where in the Bible.

 The church has not seen what the kingdom of God is all about. Christians don’t know what to do after they get saved, how to get really free of all the baggage of the past life. So we are lost, much like the people of Israel in Babylonia in the days of Nehemiah.

 God wants to get a hold of the hearts of the people, so that they see the true state of things and they start to build. The Holy Spirit is saying the same message  to everyone today: build first my house!

 More than anything the body of Christ needs determination to build. So often we start well, but do not continue the work untill something is finished. We also need God given unity to build together. And humility so that we will take any task that needs to be done willingly and wont complain, even if it wouldn’t be the most glorious task.

 Some people understand what this is all about, some don’t. Some start seeking more and building together, but some stay content with what they have and move nowhere.

But everyone can build, the strong, the weak, the young and the old. Question is will you let the light of God shine into your soul and purify you.