The voice of one crying in the wilderness


We are happy that you have found your way to our blog. We believe that these writings will challenge you and lift you higher as a believer. We want to be a voice that prepares the way for a mighty movement of God in the churches all around the world.

The purpose of this blog is to give a godly perspective into our lives and encourage us all to give our whole life to the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to open eyes through the prophetic spirit of God  and through the truth of His Word for people to see what the Spirit is saying to the churches right now in this generation.

We want believers to be able to see things from Gods perspective and through this step into a new level in their christian walk. We want to persuade ourselves and everyone else to mold our lives so that it may please our Lord and King, Jesus.

Our prayer is that the transforming power of God is working in you as it is changing us and we may all be changed from glory to glory.

Do you want to be set free?2.10.2013

There is a road to freedom if you want to be set free. Whether you need to be set free from a bondage that has suddenly come to your life or from a life long habit, you can be set free. Everything depends on, do you really want to be free. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a lot of special willpower or strength to free yourself. This means that if you simply want to be set free, Jesus can set you free.

Jesus asked the man who had been sick for a very long time at the pool of Bethesda, did he want to be made whole. You may think that of course he wanted to be healed, who in their right mind would wants to be sick. But not everyone wants to be set free. Freedom brings responsibility. Being bound is many times a defence people lean on. They have built their identity around the thought that they have a bondage or they are sick. They may even get a lot of attention in the prayer lines from other Christians because of this. They don’t know who they would be if they would be free.

To be free is a leap of faith into a whole different style of living. Strong and victorious Christianity may seem strange and scary to some people, because Christianity is usually seen as weak and ineffective. People rather go to counselling and stay sick than learn how to fight spiritually themselves and stand firm against the attacks of the enemy or change the attitude from a victim to a person who helps and lifts up others.

To be set free you must also be willing to encounter the truth. I have prayed hundreds of people. There were two types of people who came to the counselling. Others were set free and others were not. Those who came to the counselling blaming everything on other people, they were never changed. They pointed to other people as the source of their problems, and still to this day those people are bound spiritually and emotionally. Those, on the other hand, who came and pointed their finger to their own heart, were set free. They realized that although the circumstances were bad and people treated them wrong, the real answer was found in their own heart. They recognized that real freedom starts from change within, not from change outside. They wanted really to be free and chose the road of inner change. And those are the people who were set free.

Who wants to be set free is ready to do what it takes to be set free. Jesus said to the lame man:” Get up, pick up your bed and walk.” He didn’t ask him to tell, how he had been treated badly and despised by everyone around the pool. Jesus asked him to take his bed and stand up. The people around him didn’t have to change their thoughts about him or their actions towards him and still he could be set free. Jesus is still in the business of freeing people from all of their bondages. He only wants to know: Do you want to be healed?

The most important relationship16.9.2013

The most important relationship of our life is the relationship we have with our God. This relationship can be cold, distant and one sided or it can be intimate and interactive. God wants to have a relationship with humans. He created a human being, who has a free will and with whom He could have a relationship with. He wants to talk with us. He wants to spend time with us and share His heart with us.

All the same principles that work with our relationships with other people apply to our relationship with God. If you see and talk with someone rarely, it is natural that your relationship is distant. On the other hand, if you talk with your friend everyday on the phone, your relationship is close. To that person you tell secrets and the joys and the worries in of heart.

God is a person. He is not a cloud or a mist. He is a person, who wants to encounter your person. A relationship demands everyday attention. A relationship demands words everyday. It is not enough that you become a believer and you say on the altar: “I will tell you then when I won’t be believing in You anymore.” You wouldn’t do that to your spouse, instead you tell about your love to them many times and in many ways.

So how do I deepen my relationship with God?

First, be very honest before God. Talk to Him all the good, bad and ugly things. Talk to Him all the things you scarcely dare to admit to yourself. Take Him as a person who hears and lives beside you and sees your every step.

Secondly, make sure you spend time with Him everyday. It may be during the day beside your work. But the best way is to separate some time for Him so He knows, what is the moment He can really talk to you and teach you His ways.

Thirdly, take Him with you in the happy events of your life. Give a call to heaven, when something good is happening to you. Tell Him how you rejoice in this good thing you have had or encountered in life. Don’t forget Him when the sun is shining in your life. Then He will be close and easily available when you have a rainy day.

Your relationship with God is your most important relationship. You will enjoy that relationship the whole eternity.


Jesus died on the cross for us. He did this so that people would get a new life. They could change their old sinful life to this brand new life Jesus obtained for them. This means that we become new creations. This doesn’t mean on paper or in theory only, but it means that our life is new, changed and transformed.

Christianity is not about making your life better. You are not supposed to reform your old life. The purpose was to change your life with the life of Jesus inside you. This revelation about the exchange was the source and secret of the power the early church had. And it is the same today.

The cross gave your old life the opportunity to die. When we give up our old life, He gives us new instead. Without this exchange you can’t live the powerful, selfless Christianity the Bible talks about. Paul’s letter to the Galatians says plainly what the cross of Jesus should do to us: “I no longer live, but Christ lives inside me.” The cross of Jesus is not just a ticket to heaven, but it is supposed to change your life here and now.

During the centuries when the church became an establishment, the enemy clouded this truth from the minds of Christians. A system was built were you could be a Christian without the exchange of life. This exchange stopped and was replaced with dry religious forms. You could be a Christian if you performed some rituals and forms. People were satisfied with cleaning the outside of their life instead of inner change. The old life was allowed to hang on you like a garment. It was not even expected for you to remove yourself from it.

The original plan that has never changed is still an exchange: loose the old and receive the new life Jesus gives. Everyone who wants to walk in the same faith the early Apostles walked has to dig into the source of the power that the early church had and allow this exchange to take place.

Eyes on Jesus13.9.2013

When Jesus told Peter to come to Him walking on the water, Peter started coming full of faith. He took his first steps eyes fixed on Jesus. He stayed above the water, conquered fear and beat the law of gravity by fixing his gaze on Jesus. In the middle of the way he looked around him. He saw the waves and started to fear. Then Peter started to sink into the water and Jesus had to come and save Him.

This story has a deep and simple lesson for us. Many of us start the walk or the battle of faith well. We’re full of zeal. We have our eyes fixed on Jesus. We understand that everything depends on Him. We think that nothing can sink or knock us down. But if our walk or some battle continues without us reaching the destiny we are heading to, many of us start looking around us. We may look into circumstances, listen to other peoples remarks or concentrate on listening to our own feelings. Then we will see, that we are sinking.

The only way to stay above the water is to keep your eyes continually on Jesus. Without Him no one wins any battles, no one heals any sick or stands strong in the midst of a storm. We are not supposed to just start the walk with our eyes on Jesus, but we are supposed to end our walk our eyes still focused on Him. You don’t get to the point when you become so mature that you can afford to take your eyes off from Jesus and turn them to yourself. If we do that, we will start sinking immediately.

The purpose of Christianity is not to put you in such a good shape that you don’t have to look at Jesus anymore. Or to get you producing so much fruit by yourself, that you don’t need the wine anymore. No, the purpose of Christianity is to fix your eyes day by day more firmly  on to Jesus. We are guided to put all our trust to Him and to the fact that He is present. That is how we keep ourselves above the water. This is the secret for strong and victorious Christianity.


The sugar sweet unity27.2.2013

Jesus said the world would know Christians by their unity. That they would be one as the Father and The Son are one, this was His prayer. So, no wonder that unity is one of the things in churches that gets the most attacked. The spirit of division tries to get everyone running to a different direction. A body that is not in unity is not a good witness to the world. Actually it has lost its most powerful witness.

Getting apostolic unity is not a one night thing. It doesn’t happen by singing songs about unity, hugging the person sitting beside us or holding hands once a week in the Church service. This kind of sugar sweet, very superficial unity doesn’t differ in any way from the unity experienced in a corporation or in a secular organisation. This is not the unity God wants to see in His Church.

Real unity comes from the fact that the weapons that we hold in our hearts against each other are put down. Many believers seem perfectly nice from the outside, but in their heart they are looking like querrilla soldier, who is ready to throw a hand grenade on someone who doesn’t agree with them on some matter.

Fortunately many Christians have seen what a covenant with the enemy brings to the Church and they have decided to walk in the opposite spirit, in the Spirit of God. True unity looks like this: You don’t speak ill of anyone because of bitterness, you won’t rejoice if someone is having a downfall, you won’t stab in the back someone who is running faster than you are and you won’t let the hand grenade of jealousy explode when someone else gets praise. You have committed yourself to unity for Jesus’ sake. You have decided to love others like Jesus loves us.

If we want this kind of true unity, not the superficial pretense, then there is no other road to it, but to ask the Spirit of God to take away all our inner missiles. Only He can unify a group of people from the inside out. Only He can get us all to concentrate one and only on Jesus Christ.

Yearning for revival21.2.2013

Yearning for revival/ Esko

Many people yearn for the old time revivals. They may dress according to the time of the revivals in the memorial services that are arranged in remembrance of the revival. They may go to sit in the exact same pew or barn, where God encountered some known revivalist. Some even try to stand in the pulpit with a box in their head like they did in Azusa Street revival to get the revival feeling.

It is good to learn from history, to learn from the past revivals where God has moved mightily, but if the remembering of old surpasses the seeking of the new move of God, we have gone astray. God says in His Word: “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing!” (Isaiah 43:18 NIV)

Paul had understood this principle. He said in the book of Philippians that he forgets what lies behind him and he presses forward. Paul had bad things behind him; he had persecuted the Church of Jesus. But in the same place he also gives us a list of all the good things and accomplishments he puts behind him for the sake of knowing Christ more. He understood something. If we see only our past successes or failures in front of our eyes, we wont be able to reach forward towards the mighty works God has prepared for us.

God is always going forward. Even though there are wonderful revivals and moves of God behind us, still He has something even better prepared for us in our days. Something that is yet to be seen and experienced. It is better because it is not the nostalgic feeling when you are remembering the old things, but is the experience of something fresh and new. The possibility to experience a move of God not yet heard or experienced of.

God wants this generation to experience a mighty move of God. He want to pour out His Spirit on all flesh once more in our day.


Down with the strongholds!11.2.2013

All that we encounter in our lives whether it is a sickness, weakness, accident or depression, they all have one purpose: they are raised against the knowledge of God. That is the main goal of our enemy. To build walls, strongholds and arguments and raise them up between God and man.

When we realize this, we can see from the Word of God that He has given us the power to demolish these strongholds and arguments and even circumstances that have been raised against the knowledge of God. So we can lift up our heads and believe that every stronghold will come down.

In many cases the thought patterns and imaginations are the biggest obstacles for us to draw near to God. So what kind of imaginations can we have?

They mainly focus on the character of God. Is He good? Is He just? Is He really always right? Does He love me?

One of the biggest strongholds is the misconception about God’s agape love. We have a humanistic picture of love. We think automatically that if it is unconditional love, it should concentrate on me and me only. But God’s love doesn’t circle around us like we would be little babies or cute puppies.

No, His love is full of purpose. His love has a direction. He wants to take us towards a more holy life. And that is true love, let me tell you. To love enough, not to leave us the same! The whole atmosphere around God is full of this agape love. He doesn’t have to speak about us to demonstrate His love. He just reveals Himself and speaks about Himself and everybody will feel loved beyond expression.

He always loves His creation and all His decisions are made out of this love, He seeks what is best for the whole of His creation.

This is also true about God: He loves everyone the same, but He doesn’t want to be in every place. The atmosphere is very important to Him. He can not dwell in a place were there are strongholds and mindsets that have been raised up against the eternal principles of His Kingdom. I find so much encouragement from the fact that although He is a loving God, He is also a God of justice.

So it is very important that we learn to think like God thinks. It is important not to be conformed to the worlds way of thinking. Our mission is to demolish every stronghold that is raised against the knowledge of God. We can do this because our spiritual weapons are full of divine power. So we say: Down with the Strongholds!

It’s payday!8.2.2013

To most of us the best day of the month is the payday. Finally all the early mornings, hurry, worry and stress are rewarded. To others it is a good moment, but to others it is a day of disappointment. It depends on what you have been doing the whole month.

The Word of God tells clearly that the same way we get a payment for our labor every month the same way: ” Every man will come before God’s throne and he will be paid according to the works he has done in this time, whether good or bad.”

For the followers of Jesus this is not the same place as the judgement seat that is the lot of those who have no mediator before God. This Judgement seat of Christ is the place were believers go. They can never be judged again to be away from God’s presence, but all their works and motives will be tested through fire.

The things that are especially looked at are these: Did you love Jesus a little or much, how did you behave towards your brothers, did you love truth, how did you act toward leaders in your life and did you do those works that were planned for you to do on this earth. These things determine your future and position in His everlasting kingdom.

This is why we are urged to keep our hearts clean so that the world wouldn’t contaminate us. We are also to love our God and keep our eyes fixed on His Son Jesus and be diligent in doing good to others

Servants heart6.2.2013

Jesus had a servants heart. He didn’t gather treasures for Himself. He gathered them to His Father in Heaven. He wanted to fulfil His Fathers will and complete His work on earth through His life. We are to follow this attitude.

Whatever we do to forward the kingdom of God on this earth, we do it with the attitude: I am not gathering anything for myself. We have a Lord and we do everything as unto Him.

If we lower ourselves like this, we know from the Word of God that He has promised that in the end those who have put themselves last will be elevated to be the first. He will never be in debt to any of His servants, but will always reward the humble. The Word says that the Lord is coming and His reward is coming with Him.

If you have this servants heart you won’t be looking for thanks from people. Your serving doesn’t stop if nobody notices your work. You are not looking for thanks, tittle or praise, because you are not looking for your honor, but someone else’s honor.

A servants heart doesn’t serve out of necessity, but out of love. It wont grumble or have a martyr attitude. If you have a pure servants heart you wont complain even though you would get to do seemingly insignificant and small tasks. Because a servant knows who is his true Lord and that He is always watching.

A servants heart is a place were the Holy Spirit likes to dwell. He likes places that bring honor to God. The Holy Spirit doesn’t like secret agendas or plans, but He strengthens those who serve with a pure heart. He anoints with favor all the works of the pure in heart and makes His servants prosper in everything they do.

Religious Lullaby9.8.2012

The problem that we face in the western church is that Christians are lukewarm, bored, sour in their face and they care for nothing. They can’t get excited about the things of God, except if there is something in it for them. So in others words the Christans are fast asleep.

 The challenge for those who have experienced the power of God and been personally revived is this:  how to keep the fire and zeal up among all the lukewarm Christians?

 You could say that almost everytime when a fiery believer talks about his zeal for God to the religious, sleeping pharisees, you get the same response. You hear a lullaby something like this: “You dont need to seek, you dont have to thirst, you have it all, we have it all.”

 And if you keep on listening to these songs you will find yourself sleeping the lukewarm sleep totally self-satisfied. That is why I always say to the thirsty people: don’t ask any advice from religious people to the question: should you seek God or no. Don”t stay around that lullaby, run far away from it while you can.

 Jeesus didn’t warn us about the jeast of the pharisees in vain. They close the Kingdom of heaven with these lullabies from thirsty people and don’t go there themselves either.

 I want to be giving medicine against this lyllaby by waking people from the sleep: seek God with all your heart and strength, don’t ever stop running, dont ever be satisfied, don’t let anyone steal your crown.