Prepare the way for the Lord –programmes are calling individual believers and churches to rise up. We are living in a special and prophetic time when the darkness is rising in the world and at the same time God is just about to pour out His Glory on the earth. His Glory will come down on the churches that are hungry for Jesus, and from there on it will go forward to people around us. In these times everything that people lean on will be shaken – governments, economic system, nature and also churches. Churches are being cleansed and called to make a deeper commitment to God.

Prepare the way for the Lord –programme is as ”the voice of the one shouting in the wilderness” in this time. John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus just before Jesus’ ministry started. We also have a calling from God to be a prophetic voice in Finland and in the nations. We are preparing the way for the King of Kings who is coming back soon! We want to do our part in opening a new era for the churches in Finland. Jesus is calling us to die to ourselves and to give our lives to Him. He is preparing His Bride – the Church. He is lifting up, waking up and lighting the fire inside of His global church – also in Finland. On this web page you can get a deeper view of this God given vision that we are determined to fulfill.

If this vision inspires you, send us a message! We would love to hear from you!